Monday Moodboard Vol.19 – Designs to leave in 2017

Happy new year everyone! We’re starting 2018 with a reflective on the year past. 2017 was a crazy year all round. It’s unlikely to go down in history as a great year. So rather then celebrate it, we’re going to explore some of the designs that we think should be left (along with 2017’s world news) firmly in 2017 and not brought forward without improvement. This week’s Monday Moodboard is on Designs That Should Be Left In 2017.

1. Fidget Spinners

If someone makes a listicle related to 2017, these spinny pointless things are definitely going to be up there. Aside from being disruptive in the classroom as some school teachers had reported, there’s also a misconception about the alleged benefits in mental health that has been perpetuated by fidget spinner manufacturers. The science shows that fidget spinners actually don’t help ADHD or autism in any way, it is merely a three-pronged toy that spins like a mini fan. Sorry parents. So while we appreciate a good low-friction bearing, this fad needs to be ditched in 2018.

2. Fjallraven Backpacks

If you have been walking amongst people in 2017, you’ll definitely have seen one of these. Wearing a backpack is becoming even more hip than ever before. While these bags are not bad in terms of design or practical use, they’ve become completely overrated. If you’re a university freshman you probably don’t want to look the same as every other person in your class. We recommend to weigh your options with other bags first, such as the Timbuk2 pack or the Osprey Flapjack. Remember, think yourself as a canvas, you don’t need to paint the same thing as everybody else.

3. Daniel Wellington

DW watches burst into popularity last year, but this watch is one of things that we would not recommend buying at all. While it is true other brands can be just as expensive (or more) than Daniel Wellington, the difference with this brand is just that, the brand itself. People are buying it because it’s Daniel Wellington, because Kendall Jenner wore it once. Other more respectable brands are expensive because of the craftsmanship. It is handmade by experts who have been mastering it for decades while Daniel Wellington watches are made cheaply in a factory If you’re looking for a watch, we would recommend Seiko, Orient, Fossil, Casio or Timex watches.

4. Smart Phones with Bezels

With the launch of iPhone X, bezeless seems to be the trend smartphone manufacturers will go with. This is especially a strong point since Apple is not the type to adopt a new trend that quickly (we still want wireless charging, Apple).The trend started off with Xio Mi and their 2016 phone, Xio Mi Mix 2. Samsung decided to follow suit with their Galaxy S8 with the iPhone X closely behind. It could be argued Samsung was the first one who did this with Galaxy Edge, but at the time a lot of consumers were complaining with accidental presses. Looks like the bezel – the band of material that separates the screen from the body – is going to be left in 2017.

5. “Minimalist Design” as an excuse

It seems Apple are rushing to throw away with a lot “extra” functions on their latest Macbook. It does look cool and futuristic. But at what cost? The loss of USB ports means consumers has to buy adapters, which does seem pretty greedy to us (one of these adapters costs around $50).This goes with Microsoft as well with their latest Surface Book 2017. In exchange for being minimalistic, they decided not to add a USB-C or Thunderbolt capabilities. Furthermore, it is much more expensive than ever before. Buying the cheapest option would probably be a bad investment, you also have to buy the extra accessories such as the stylus and the type cover(aka the keyboard). While we do not hate minimalistic design, this business practices of removing features to sell them separately is probably something we could do without.

6. Making every product “Smart”

There’s certain things that we could have without IOT integration, one of those would be Juicero. If you have been YouTube lately, you probably saw the slew of reviews criticizing this Kickstarter product. But this presser is especially bad because you actually need to buy their juice pack. That’s right, it’s a machine that presses juices out of their packs. If you happened to have a Juicero Juice Pack™ laying around maybe the machine would be useful. It’s no surprise the company shut down in 2017. The Smart Toaster and Smart Hair Brush were also laughable products from 2017.

7. Gaming laptop design.

For some reason hardware for gaming has always had ridiculous design. Lots of sharp and angles, bulky parts, and gaudy colours. With the release of the Razer’s latest  gaming laptop Razer Blade, manufacturers are finally going to do away with the ridiculous bezels at the back of the laptop’s design. It’s pretty surprising how long this outdated design has been around.

8. This Haircut

Can it just go away please?


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