Freelance Collective

Turning your ideas into excellent products

Aside from furniture building, we are also a consultancy for entrepreneurs, startups and businesses wanting to design, develop and manufacture hardware products. We are a collective of freelancers with a wide range of specialist abilities. We assemble the right team to execute your product's needs.

Concept art - working out your idea on paper


3D CAD rendering, 3D printing, engineering for manufacture


3D printing ready for manufacture


Logos and packaging design so you're ready for market

Everyone is welcome

We genuinely love making and creating, so we don’t discriminate against wallet sizes. Whether you’re a hobbyist, startup or a corporation that gives their employees a daily breakfast buffet of cold cuts, cheeses and exotic cereals, just drop us a line. Then, give us money. Yeah.

Four phase design process

Phase 1

Background research

Establishing design direction

Phase 2

Concept sketches

First CAD

Crude prototypes

Phase 3

CAD development

Engineering for manufacture

Prototype development

Aesthetic CAD renders

Phase 4

Identifying suppliers

Getting quotes

Supplier liaison

Setting up production

“Look ma, I’m saving the world.”

Or we try our best to, anyway. We believe in creating high quality sustainable products, at minimal environmental impact. As momma always said, every little thing we do makes a difference. Also, go to your room.

Our clients

We've done some work for people. In fact we've done 50 projects in four years.

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